Founded in 1932 LEGO has always sought to innovate in order to offer a complete gaming experience.

1932 : LEGO Woooden Toys

1950s and 60s : LEGO produce HO scale (1:87) cars

1958 : LEGO brick was invented

Creativity and imagination
took their full measure.

Since, LEGO have treated almost the themes, Fireman, Police, Cowboy, Knight, Pirate….

From the very first years of the space conquest, the LEGO group took an interest in this new theme by treating it historically and fictionally

1973 : The first Space Set "358 Rocket Base"

2 years later : "367 Moon Landing" also known as reference 565 in the United States.

Until the mid-80s many models using the same color assembly will emerge..
Black-Tron, Black-Tron 2, M-Tron, Space Police, Space Police 2, Explorien, Ice Planet, Futuron ... More Space Theme, more fun !
1987 :
BLACK-TRON, 6954 Renegade
1988 :
FUTURON, 6958 Android Base
1989 :
SPACE POLICE, 6781 SP-Striker
1990 :
M-TRON, 7312 T3-Trike
1991 :
BLACK-TRON II, 6988 Alpha Centauri Outpost
1992 :
SPACE POLICE II, 6984 Galactic Mediator
1993 :
ICE PLANET, 6973 Deep Freeze Defender
1994 :
UNITRON, 6991 Monorail Transport Base
1996 :
EXPLORIENS, 6958 Android Base
1999 :
SPACE PORT, 6456 Space Shuttle
2001 :
LIFE ON MARS, 7312 T3-Trike
2007 :
MARS MISSION, 5616 Mini Robot
2009 :
SPACE POLICE III, 3368 Rocket station
2011 :
UFO, 7052 UFO abduction
2013 :
GALAXY SQUAD, 70701 Swarm Interceptor
However, LEGO has not stopped proposing models inspired by reality.

The Discovery Channel range is the perfect example.

7469 Mission to Mars
7467 International Space Station
7468 Saturn V Moon Mission
7470 Space Shuttle Discovery
10029 Lunar Lander
7471 Mars Exploration Rover
Space shuttles were also derived in LEGO Creator, LEGO Technic and LEGO City versions

Space shuttles in all range

1995 :
6339 Shuttle Launch Pad
2015 :
60080 Spaceport
1995 :
8480 Space Shuttle
2011 :
10231 Shuttle Adventure
Can we speak from LEGO and SpaceShip without...


Since 1999, LEGO produce a lot... a big lot... a very very big lot of StarWars set every years.

Up to 650 set... Maybe more, and all spaceship from movies, books, series and video games are made

And during this time, the fans created some little MOC (My Own creation)

Inspired by they favorite Movies and TV series...

...or their wildly creative imagination

Close to its Fan, LEGO publishes each year sets they created.

A satellite and a Rover have already appeared.

2012 :
21101 Mission Hayabusa
2014 :
21104 NASA Mars science laboratory curiosity rover

...A new box is being prepared.

But LEGO's interest in space is not limited to the creation of toys ...

NASA : November 2 2010

NASA and LEGO Partner To Inspire Children To Build And Explore The Future

A LEGO space shuttle headed to orbit helps mark the signing of a Space Act Agreement between NASA and The LEGO Group to spark children's interest in STEM.

Wednesday, Nov. 3 : LEGO shuttle will launch with the crew of the space shuttle Discovery on its STS-133 mission from NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

The partnership marks the beginning of a three-year agreement that will use the inspiration of NASA's space exploration missions and the appeal of the popular LEGO bricks to spur children's interest in STEM. The theme of the partnership is "Building and Exploring Our Future.

A display case in the NASA exhibit featured a bag of LEGO pieces that flew into space aboard STS-133

NASA AND LEGO are jointly developing innovative educational materials and/or activities to promote student interest in technical or scientific careers.

MARCH 2011

The Space Act Agreement between the two organizations, is designed to support NASA’s educational programs in exploration, technologies, science and aeronautics.

This opportunity provides the unique learning environment of microgravity to promote student interest in STEM content and careers.

To accomplish this task, LEGO® Bricks kits are flown on board the International Space Station (ISS).

Crewmembers perform tasks to demonstrate simple science concepts and how Lego Bricks work differently in a microgravity environment.

NASA's Missions : Imagine and Build

June 5 2013

NASA / LEGO Design and Build Contest

Winners in each category have been selected by a panel of NASA and LEGO officials.

First category : "Inventing our Future of Flight."
Design and build an aircraft of the future based on real concepts and new technology NASA's aeronautics innovators are working on to increase fuel efficiency and reduce harmful emissions and noise.

In addition to building a model from LEGO bricks or using the LDD computer program, participants prepare and write a technical paper to explain how the contest design takes advantage of NASA's ideas and potentially improves on them.

Second category : "Imagine our Future Beyond Earth."
Imagine, design and build a futuristic vehicle from LEGO bricks that might travel through the air or in space. It could be an airplane, rotorcraft, rocket, spacecraft, satellite, rover or something else. The design can be based in reality or purely a flight of fancy. This competition is open to entrants 16 or older.

inspire the next generation

NASA : september 5 2013

NASA and the LEGO Group partnered to inspire the next generation of aerospace engineers with a design competition intended to spur builders ages 13 and up to use the popular toy bricks in fashioning models of future airplanes and spacecraft.

Mission IRISS

September 2 2015

The European Space Agency and LEGO Education have Funded together this mission, named Iriss in homage to the Greek goddess who tied humanity in the cosmos.

They paired up to create an exciting contest for Andreas’s iriss mission. Primary school students across Denmark were invited to research different aspects of the iriss mission.

Andreas Mogensen took with him 20 minifigs specially created for the mission

mission JUNO

July 5 2016

Arrival of the mission JUNO around Jupiter with on board 3 LEGO minifigs specially made of aluminum.

They represent Jupiter, Juno and Galileo, who discovered in 1610 the four largest satellites of the planet Jupiter. In the image below, we can see that Juno holds a magnifying glass (to symbolize the search for the truth), his husband Jupiter lightning and Galileo his indispensable telescope.
A NASA-LEGO Partnership

Mission to Space

NASA and LEGO have worked together to produce a fun and engaging on-line summer activity. Mission to Space takes kids on a journey through space with visits to the International Space Station, Mars and Jupiter, and gives kids a chance to make their own space creations through an on-line building challenge.
robotic challenge using LEGO Mindstorm

Today : March 11 2017

Von Karman Auditorium, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, California

LEGO and NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory organize a workshop for educators who have experience using Lego Mindstorms EV3 kits in their classrooms or clubs but are hoping to implement new NASA-themed challenges and lessons.
Imagine, build, discover, progress.

The imagination gives birth to new inventions, from which flows discoveries and progress.

Without the imagination, the wheel would not yet exist.
Without progress, mankind would still live in caves.
Without research our tools would still be made of wood and stone.
Without the need to explore, we would all live on the same continent that saw our ancestors born thousands of years ago.

Play LEGO. Imagine the future, build it.

With LEGO you can :
- invent and build your ideas
- solve problems of structure, loads, weight distribution
- solve mechanical problems (LEGO Technic)
- program automation and interaction (LEGO NXT, LEGO Mindstorm)
And much more !

Encourage your children to play LEGO and feel free to play with them :)

Thank you for your attention and play well

Informations presented comes from ESA, NASA and LEGO respective Website.
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